Let’s race! Isn’t their a greater game than just competing against each other? When it’s about running till the end of the street as kids, sailing around the World, or riding shotgun in cup car at a challenging racetrack in a huge starting field, you want be at your best from the beginning till the end. And Driver Coach Dennis is here to assist when it comes down to motorsports.

From 1-on-1 driver coaching on  racetracks to arrive & drive packages to get your racing license, Driver Coach Dennis is here for novice, experts and pros. If you just want to start racing, or if you want to become a professional driver please get in contact so we can discuss things like a license training, a custom-made driver development program and the competition you want to get start with.  

During a race event or even an entire season we can offer a complete coaching package. Not just as a driver coach in the car, but especially as a personal trainer, focussed on mindset, strategy and results. For instance in a role as engineer on the pitwall, or as a mental coach in between sessions. Driver Coach Dennis will be a great addition for any driver or team that wants to succeed.