Together with my partners, who are the best racing schools in Germany (DMSB), Belgium (RACB) and The Netherlands (KNAF) I can offer custom-made license programs. From complete arrive & drive packages to individual training programs. Please get in contact to discuss all options. 

  • KNAF racing licenses (Dutch): Club / EU
  • RACB racing licenses (Belgian): National C / International D 
  • DMSB racing licenses (German): Permit A / International D, DPN Permit (Nordschleife racing licenses) 

To get the right license for the competition you are focussing on is sometimes quite confusing. With these situations we can help. For us it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an experienced driver in amateur racing or if you already raced at the highest levels. The latter can counter problems with the FIA-status on his/her international license and this can stall careers. Just get in contact, so we can advise you, based on the experiences from the people in our network and our connections at the local FIA desks. 

 “When a driver wants to start a new career in Pro-Am racing, it is sometimes impossible to get a seat when his/her international racing license got a status [Platinum / Gold / Silver / Bronze]. Be aware that successes in lower single-seater series can sometimes get in the way for a later career in sportscars for a couple of years”.  – Dennis Drenthe