Drifting is all about car control and one of our specialties when it comes to 1 on 1 training and groups. We use drifting not just for fun, but also to get experienced drivers out of their comfort zone to reach new levels on race tracks. For beginners we start with the basics, like getting a car into oversteer, to get rid of understeer and how to make powerslides and doing donuts. 

Drifting is an interesting sport. In motorsports it’s the only discipline where you are being judged instead of being the quickest. Most race drivers use drifting to become a more complete driver. With our drifting programs we can help you to start off with the basics on special drifting courses, but also on race tracks. When you are already more experienced we can focus on precision, speed and style while going sideways everywhere. 

  • Drift training for beginners
    • Oversteer and countersteer
    • Powerslides
    • Donuts
    • Figure-8 drifting
    • Mid-corner drifting exercises at tracks
  • 1 on 1 sessions for experienced drifters
    • On drift courses or race tracks
    • Power oversteer vs Drifting corners
    • Transition and Scandinavian Flick
    • Precision drifting at low, medium and high speeds
  • Masterclass AWD-drifting (Porsche, Subaru, Mitsubishi and others) 
    • Lift off oversteer
    • Braking into a drift
    • Countersteer with AWD

We focus a lot on car control. Not just with drifting, but also with karting, sim racing and for instance slalom courses or rallying. It helps race drivers with driving on worn out tires, cold tires. It will help driver to be very good in the first lap or even the wet. They can sort out how to drive any car quicker in all circumstances. Slalom will help to start faster. Drifting will make you to stand out. With a personal driver development program we can add these forms of motorsport into your training program together.