Get ready for 2019

For most drivers it’s time to look ahead. 2019 is at the doorsteps and with a good plan in mind it will be a successful year. While other drivers just wait until the first race weekend others go out drifting, doing some track days perhaps or they are at least working on their sponsorship deals or their car. We have a couple of FREE tips for you. 

First of all, try to be in your best possible shape. Take your time to relax and to create a free mind. What!? No workouts, no gym and no running? Of course you can, but with a clear mind you can think ahead. This helps to set goals, to be sharp as a knife and to get focussed way before the season gets started. If you want to do exercises, then go work on your concentration levels. Max Verstappen is a big fan of juggle balls.

So go get some juggle balls at the local toy shop and follow the step-by-step juggle tips here: Set goals: practise at least one minute a day. Within a year you want to juggle with 3 balls for a whole minute. This is more fun than most brain training programs, but your brain will be better connected. It improves focus.

Watch youtube

After your daily juggle practice, you can even sit back and relax to become a better driver. On internet, especially youtube, you will find more free tips that will help you to become a more complete race driver. Take your time to look for the information you need and if you cannot find anything useful, then go check out these websites / channels:

Make notes while watching these shows. Download their free tools on their websites and subcribe on their mailing lists.

Use trackmaps


Trackmaps are also helpful. If you already know what tracks your racing serie is going to visit you can start off now by downloading trackmaps and print them. Put together a file with all your notes written out. Wet lines, dry lines, dangerous bumbs or curbs. Draw yourselfs overtaking points and lines. Visualize what you know and check the facts.

Whatever you think that will help you the next time you will visit a track, just write it down on a printed track map. You have nothing to lose when doodling on a piece of paper, but it will help you win. And even if you haven’t been to some of the tracks before you can already start with looking at a track map. Zoom in at Google Earth to see details that will help you to get familiar with the track before the season starts.

Get ready

Invest your spare time to become faster, safer and more focussed. Driver Coach Dennis will help you with 1 on 1 coaching and a custom driver development program, but in 2019 we will provide interesting events like workshops, trackwalks and saminars. During these events we will go in-depth on the topics with professional, proven methods that work.

Use the winter break well: Join us and get ready!


Dennis Drenthe


the finishing touch

Photo credits Max Verstappen juggle balls: Getty Images